Will your startup idea work? Kwadra Kampo can help you prove it

Turning technology-driven ideas into a viable money-making venture can be daunting, especially when there’s no help in sight. Where do you even start?

Many engineers, researchers, and businesspeople like you can get stuck with their startup ideas because they don’t have anyone who can help them visualize the product and map out the steps that will lead them to it.

This is where Kwadra Kampo comes in.

The Kwadra Kampo Startup Bootcamp of ISAT-U Kwadra TBI is calling on you—founders of idea-stage startups—who need help in validating your startup idea in the market. This 8-week learning program will enable you to see the big picture and hash out the details that will propel your idea.

In a series of seminars, you will learn from experts about the following:

  • Problem validation, design thinking, and Lean Startup method
  • Customer development and user persona
  • Building and testing a minimum viable product
  • Cost and revenue structures and financing
  • Preparing for the pitch

After these, you will present a minimum viable product, or MVP, to a panel of judges during the Final Bootcamp Pitch.

Here’s the best part: if you pass, you become eligible to apply as an incubatee of the ISAT-U Kwadra TBI—and become one of the startups who have the full support of one of the most active startup enablers in the Philippines and their partner government agencies and organizations.

Did that get you excited? Nice! But not just any startup or founder can qualify for Kwadra Kampo. We are giving particular attention to startups that employ (or planning to employ) deep technology.

What is “deep technology”? It’s a generic term that refers to technologies not focused on end-user services. They include artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, advanced material science, photonics and electronics, biotech, and quantum computing. They are generated through substantial scientific or engineering research and development.

Aside from employing deep tech, the startup idea must have the potential to solve a pressing social problem and to scale, or grow really fast.

As an aspiring Kwadra Kampo qualifier, you must be an innovation-driven entrepreneurial founder who exhibits ISAT-U Kwadra TBI’s core values, TORIL:

  1. Transformation – committed to not just improve society but transform it and create systems-level change
  2. Opportunity – always attuned to find opportunities and possibilities despite limitations
  3. Resilience – able to bounce back from failure, negative feedback, and other setbacks
  4. Inclusivity – thinks of everyone concerned, especially the most vulnerable and neglected sectors
  5. Leadership – ability to influence and guide individuals and teams, and be a source of positive influence in society

You think you and your startup idea can make the cut? APPLY HERE.

At the end of this challenge, you will either embark on a journey of endless opportunities or bring home priceless knowledge. And we think that’s a win-win.

We’ll see your applications before the deadline on February 14, 2022! #

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